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We are always interested in talking to undergrad and post-grad students who are interested in doing a project in the lab. At the moment we are looking for undergrad / internship students for the following.

Post-grad projects:


No projects available at the moment but always happy to discuss ideas. 

Undergrad projects:

In vitro modelling of Wilms' tumour mutations.

We are developing in vitro culture systems of nephron progenitor cells derived form our (conditional) mouse models for Wilms' tumour mutations. In this project you will further develop these systems, use them to study the earliest events in Wilms' tumour development and for developing a high-throughput screen for Wilms' tumour therapies.  

The role of Wilms' tumour genes in normal kidney development.

Wilms'  tumours are the direct results of problems during the normal embryonic development of the kidney. We have always projects available to study the role of Wilms'  tumours genes, especially WT1 and β-catenin, in normal kidney development using our range of mouse models. 

The earliest steps in iPSC reprogramming.

Reprogramming cells to iPSC cells is the cornerstone of regenerative medicine. Although the process is nowadays routinely used, the efficiency is still very low and unpredictable. We are studying the first few days of the reprogramming process and different projects in this are available. 


For more information please contact us.

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