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Peter Hohenstein did his PhD in the laboratory of Riccardo Fodde in the Leiden University Medical Center in Leiden in the Netherlands, where he worked on the development and analysis of mouse models for hereditary breast (Brca1) and intestinal (Smad4) cancer. From there he went to the lab of Nick Hastie at the MRC Human Genetics Unit in Edinburgh to work on the role of Wt1 and β-catenin in normal kidney development, Wilms’ tumours and other cancer types. There he stayed for 11 years, first as post-doc, later as Senior Investigative Scientist with responsibility of the kidney and cancer projects in the lab. In 2012 he moved with his projects and part of the lab to an independent group leader position in The Roslin Institute. There he further developed his research lines into the role of Wt1 and β-catenin. Since April 2018 he is continuing this work, and extending into kidney regenerative medicine, back at the Leiden University Medical Center as group leader in the Dept. Human Genetics and as head of the Transgenic Facility Leiden.

Current lab members






Msc/Bsc students

Past lab members


  • Sally Burn                           

  • Karamjit Singh-Dolt

  • Nils Lindström

  • Derya Ozdemir

  • Rafaele Ottaviano


  • Kat Norrby

  • Rachel Berry

  • Paul Devenney

  • Anna Thornburn

  • Shahida Sheraz

PhD students

  • Anna Webb

  • Derya Ozdemir

  • Eve Miller-Hodges

  • Melanie Lawrence

  • Mara Artibani

  • Anagha Krishna

  • Chris Cartlidge

Msc/Bsc students

  • Noria Kabagwira

  • Chryssa Giasafaki

  • Esther Uijtewaal

  • Michiel Kroes

  • Alana Sim

  • Claire Wood

  • Selene Jarrett

  • Sheena Ong

  • Anagha Krishna

  • Kate Cousland

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